To safeguard your online Magento store from hackers or other malicious attacks, Magento releases several security patches and it’s very critical to install and upgrade to these security patches as soon as possible. Since patch installation is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and influences the work of the whole website, professional assistance is highly recommended.

We are here to install the security patches for your Magento version. (SUPEE 1533, SUPEE 5344, SUPEE 5994, SUPEE 6285, SUPEE 6482, SUPEE 6788, SUPEE 7405, SUPEE 7616 & SUPEE 8788 etc.)

Core Code Audit

We will audit your core code to check for modification so as to avoid conflict and data loss during patch installation.

Keep You Updated

We inform you each time a new patch is released so you know that the installation process is in progress and you have nothing to worry about.

Safeguard from Malicious Attacks

Our team will ensure the security patches are applied properly with fully testing. It’s extremely important to timely install Magento security patches to keep your data safe.

Save Time & Effort

If you lack for technical skills and experience, it may take you pretty much time to read forums and guides on how to install patches. The Magento Patch Installation service by Magento360 can save you time and efforts on applying patches to your store. Our team will do all the work for you as quick as possible.




Identify Objective, `Business Essence, Key Requirement, Bottle Necks and Operational Processes.
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Collating Data and Information, User Experience, Desktop vs Mobile, Integrations, New Features.
Migration and Custom Developments

Migration and Custom Developments

Migrating Legacy data, media, content and elements. Refactoring code third party extension, Re-architecting Integrations.
Quality Assurance and Go Live

Quality Assurance and Go Live

End to end system testing, final data rollout, Deployment testing, Staging and Production transition complete.


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  • I´ve had the pleasure of working with Magento360 Team in several Magento projects during most of the past year and I´ve not been disappointed.He is very adaptive and a great person to discuss ideas with. If I have a problem we can discuss and he will suggest one or several solutions. He has also adapted to my firms platform for handling tickets/tasks and in this platform he has been as quick to reply as he is in email and on Skype. So far we´ve not had any request that Magento360 team has not been able to deliver on as his programming skills are of a very high level.

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    Owners of Jones Financial Corporations

    Jones Financial Corporations

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