Let team of Magento integration and development experts help you in Magento integration. That enables your Magento web stores to connect with other business applications, such as back office ERPs and shipment providers to third party CRMs, 3PL logistics systems and other applications important to your business.

Our Magento integration solutions helps you with custom Magento integrations tailored to fit your requirements.


Magento provides limitless possibilities of creating or customizing store front. Which empowers store owner to integrate and implement new back office application and automate processes.


Integration with ERP Systems like NetSuite ERP, enabling merchants to automatically synchronize orders, customers, inventory, fulfillment and billing between Magento and NetSuite.


Integrations provides real time and automated data synchronization between Magento and the CRM’s, enabling store owners to focus on managing fulfillment and increasing revenue.


Developing custom integrations that matches your exact requirements. From integration with API’s, third party applications or solutions or experienced team is most reliable for your project.




Identify Objective, `Business Essence, Key Requirement, Bottle Necks and Operational Processes.
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Collating Data and Information, User Experience, Desktop vs Mobile, Integrations, New Features.
Migration and Custom Developments

Migration and Custom Developments

Migrating Legacy data, media, content and elements. Refactoring code third party extension, Re-architecting Integrations.
Quality Assurance and Go Live

Quality Assurance and Go Live

End to end system testing, final data rollout, Deployment testing, Staging and Production transition complete.


This depends highly on your current site and its current condition – bottom line is, if your site is performing well and you’re using a version that’s not really outdated there is no rush, but you can start exploring Magento 2, discuss with our solution specialist to give you their insights and when help you in doing some basic plans.

If you’re on an older version of the software or even on a newer version but having serious performance issues, and on top of that you have a number of 3rd party extensions installed, now would be a great time to plan for a revamp.

If you need to do something serious to significantly improve your store’s performance (and we can help you figure out the condition your site is in and why), you should definitely plan the new investments to be done on Magento 2.

Let’s prepare for less-than-smooth here ? Smooth is something you are going to get only with our experienced and certified magento team. But, it is clearly note, theme and code customizations (which includes 3rd party extensions) will not be transferable, meaning they would need to be redone on Magento 2.

So, extra investments would need to be made in the visual and functional revamp. This should, in my book, Let’s face it – if you have 50+ extensions on your store (and this is even an understatement based on some of our recent experiences), Magento 2 can be a lifesaver as it will make you think, re-think and redo things, hopefully in a better way.

It will be. And the main reason is the change itself – for Magento there is no going back. Yes, they will be supporting the older versions for several years. So if you are making active plans not to get left behind, even if you are staying put with Magento 1.x for the time being, consider these action items:

  • Start thinking about what you’d like to improve on.
  • Make a list of extensions you are not actively using (or have no idea what they do).
  • Open up the conversation with our solution specialist team

Magento 2 brings a whole new playing field for merchants and solution partners alike, and while we’re trying to stay on top of our game. If you need any help with planning the next steps for your business, check out our Migration to Magento 2 service and get in touch!


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    – Good communication and very decent skills.
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    Owners of Jones Financial Corporations

    Jones Financial Corporations

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    Aisha Davis
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  • Vishal and his team worked endless hours converting my m1 site to m2 and then moving to brand new server. There were MANY bumps along the road, plug ins needed, custom themes and plug ins, and errors, etc. To make a long story short, it took many more hours and work then quoted but Vishal and his team honored our contract and everything looks great and functions perfectly up to date. If you are looking for someone who troubleshoot and solves problems, works with you and is understanding, Vishal and his team are the ones for you! Excellent experience, even through unexpected issues!

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  • I´ve had the pleasure of working with Magento360 Team in several Magento projects during most of the past year and I´ve not been disappointed.He is very adaptive and a great person to discuss ideas with. If I have a problem we can discuss and he will suggest one or several solutions. He has also adapted to my firms platform for handling tickets/tasks and in this platform he has been as quick to reply as he is in email and on Skype. So far we´ve not had any request that Magento360 team has not been able to deliver on as his programming skills are of a very high level.

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    Bolaji A. Ajike